Pistachio Mafruka مفروكة الفستق والقشطة (Arabic Dessert)

Introduction: Pistachio Mafruka مفروكة الفستق والقشطة (Arabic Dessert)

Raise your hand if you think arabic dessert and sweets are underrated. Not a lot... yet! Let’s change your mind and show you how to make piquant, pleasant pistachio Mafruka!

Let’s make!

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 2: Making the Pistachio Dough

Add pistachios, icing sugar, corn flour (optional) and rose water into a big bowl. Make sure to mix all the ingredients thoroughly. If you want you can add some icing sugar throughout when mixing, just depends on how sweet you would like the dough to be :)

Step 3: Making the Base

Put a fat resistant paper on top of a tray. Spread icing sugar evenly over it. Then, pour half of the pistachio dough onto the tray and arrange it in a shape you like. To do so, you can use a spoon, for me this worked nicely.

Step 4: Making the Cream

To make the cream that goes in between the two pistachio dough layers, add corn flour, water, and sweet condensed milk into a large saucepan. I like using a larger saucepan so that the nothing will spill. Cook the mixture at a medium temperature and continuously stir. The mixture is ready as soon as it has a cream like consistency.

Step 5: Adding the Cream

Pour the cream over the first pistachio dough layer. Then allow it to cool down. This allows both layers to become firm. TIP: If you are fast enough, add the other pistachio dough immediately and eat the dessert with hot cream. It's also an experience worth trying ;)

Step 6: The Second Dough Layer

So back to the second dough layer. First, put the dough onto fat resistant paper. Add another paper on top of it and then us a rolling pin to spread the dough properly. In the end, the layer should be about one pistachio thick. However, don't smash the pistachios, they should simply spread out.

Step 7: Add the Second Layer

This is probably the hardest step, but we can do it! So, take off one layer of fat resistant paper. Then take the dough and quickly flip it so that is placed on top of the remaining mafruka. I know, this can get quite messy at first, but that's no problem at all. simply use a spoon to arrange the mafruka nicely.

Step 8: Cut and Serve

We're almost done! Simply cut the mafruka in the shape you want and then serve it onto a plate. When serving make sure that the fat resistant paper does not rip, otherwise it may stick to the dessert and things could get messy. So take your time for this step :)

Step 9: You Made It! Enjoy!

Good job! You made it! If you like, add some fruits to the mafruka or anything else you like. Enjoy!

P.S. told you Arabic desserts are quite awesome ;)

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    4 years ago

    Awesome, looks like fun :)