Introduction: Pixar Lamp Mech (Mashup)

Hi, my name is Ethan I will be showing you how I made my Luxo Pixar Mech! This idea is a mashup between a giant robot and Luxo, the lamp in the Pixar intro that jumps on the letter “I”. I noticed that the lamp struggled to step on the “I” in the intro, so I made him a mech body to give him more power.




Step 1: Feet

I combined many basic shapes for the feet such as rectangles and triangles. The pads are made with rectangles with diagonal sides, and I repeated this pattern 3 times. I made the middle base with 2 more rectangles and another diagonal side cutout. The top calf is also made similarly, with many smaller rectangles smoothing out the edges and adding holes.

Step 2: Legs

Legs are also pretty simple, just a white rectangle with many diagonal cut outs. There is a gear made with a polygon and a polycup on the side as well.

Step 3: Bottom Torso

First I started with one big white rectangle and made diagonal cuts as you can see. Then I added one gray rectangle on the bottom, and 2 hexagons. I then added another gray rectangle in the middle, and put a torus with a side count of 10 over it.

Step 4: Top Torso

This is first made with one big white cube, and many diagonal cuts on the side. I added small details with hexagons like lug nuts and random lines. Then, I added a long octagon through the middle to form the bar that would connect the arms to the body.

Step 5: Arms

The top part of the arms is first made with a white rectangles with diagonal edges. Then, I added a smaller gray rectangle to the bottom with more cutouts. I used a hexagonal shaped hole to make a dent in the white box and added a MetaCrib in the center. Then I added more hexagons for details. The bottom part of the arm is made with a white rectangle with diagonal edges. I repeated and extended this shape to add reinforcements to it. I then added a triangle to the bottom.

Step 6: Head

The head is made with 2 Paraboloids and a sphere for the lightbulb. The mechanism on the back is drawn with the scribble shape and little spheres are for the rivets.

Step 7: The Rest

I used the text tool to make a Pixar logo in black text. Then I added a Meta Fillet shape to make the iconic blue background. I then put the robot into a cool pose where it looked like it was going to stomp on the "I".

Anyway, that's it! This was fun to make and I hope you enjoyed.

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