Introduction: Pixel Art - the Easy Way

In this awesome instructable I'll show you how to make a pixel art my way (the easy way)

I used Adobe Photoshop CC

Step 1: Presets

The first step is to use the values above.

The most important part is to set the resolution to 72 dpi.

Step 2: Start!

After creating the document open the reference image in a new window.

Use the pen tool with 100% hardness (opacity also 100%) and with 1 pixel.

Also create 2 new layers, use the first one to draw the foreground(sand) and the other layer for the background(sky).

The easiest way to get the right colors is to use the color picker.

Step 3: Creating the Sky Part 1

One the other layer that you have created earlier use the gradient tool for the sky,

again, use the color picker to get the right colors.

Step 4: Creating the Sky Part 2

Click on filter and select Pixelate, then Mosaic. Set the Cell size "to your taste" (I set it to 4) and click OK.

Step 5: Start Drawing Already! :)

So the first step in drawing a building or just some stuff is to draw the outline first.

Step 6: Coloring

Use the reference image frequently. And just simply color you work.

The trick to create a stunning pixel-art is to use highlights and shadows as well, it makes it look cooler. :)

Step 7: The Details (aka the Rest)

Draw the details and the people, try not to be a minimalist (a man in the distance can even be a stick) :)

Step 8: Composition

Move everything to the right place (I moved the building where it should be)

Step 9: Gradient Map

Use the gradient map to "synchronise" the colors. It will look much better.

Change the gradient map layer from "normal" to "soft light" and reduce the opacity to 50%.

You can also add/use textures to make your artwork look retro and awesome.

Step 10: A Final Line and Change the Image Size

I drew a last line to make it more interesting.

Then go to image > image size and change the resolution from 70 dpi to 300 dpi, also change the Resample to "Nearest Neighbor".

Step 11: Save

Click on "save as" and give an awesome name to your awesome pixel artwork, then click on save :)

I uploaded two images of my finale, the first one is without texture and the other one is with texture.

Thanks for watching

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