Pixelated Heart Valentine's Day Cards



Introduction: Pixelated Heart Valentine's Day Cards

This is an Instructable for how to make a neat Pixel Heart Valentine. I don't like super long intros, so let's get to work!

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. The template which can be found somewhere on this step printed onto light colored card-stock
2. Pin or needle
3. Craft knife
4. A ruler
5. Scissors
6. A glue stick
7. Another sheet of the same colored card-stock

Step 2: Scoring and Cutting

Using the diagram as a guide and a ruler, first use the pin or needle to score along the black lines. Then, using your craft knife cut along the highlighted lines. After you have finished scoring and cutting, cut out the entire card with your knife or scissors. ***Don't be wimpy with your scoring! Make sure you press hard enough!***

Step 3: Pop Out

This step is kind of difficult. Just start popping the shape out from the back of the card. Keep popping out and forming until you are able to fold the card in half. This will finish popping up the heart for you. You could just stop here, but the outside of the card looks sloppy and unfinished.

Step 4: Finishing Up

To finish up the card, take another piece of card-stock and fold it in half. Score before doing this so the card-stock doesn't rip when you fold it. Now, apply glue to the pop up card only on parts of the outside that aren't part of the pop up. Carefully align the creases on the card-stock and the pop up and fold them closed. Let the glue dry, then cut out the card. Now you have a cool pop up card for that special someone. ;) Finally, write something clever on the outside of the card. Here are some examples if you want to go along with the candy theme:

Give me some sugar!
Honey... (for the You're Sweet card)

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable! This is my first one so please don't be too harsh, but I am open to tips. Thanks!

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