Introduction: Pizza Box Document Holder

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Document holder made from Papa John's Pizza box. Should also work with other pizza boxes as well.

1. Pizza box
2. Duct tape
3. Breakaway/retractable knife

Step 1: Buy a Pizza!

1. Buy a pizza! I chose Papa Johns because they make thicker pizza boxes, but any kind of pizza box will do.
2. Cut the side flaps off the cover.
3. Use the knife to make small scores about every inch or so horizontally across the top of the box.

Step 2: Duct Tape Cover

1. Gently bend the cover along the scored line. Also, put a little duct tape along the cut scores for reinforcement.
2. Duct tape the end of cover to the bottom of the box.
3. Duct tape the 2 back corners to stabilize the foundation.

Step 3:

1. Take the 2 flaps that were cut off the cover and tape them vertically to the front face of document holder.
2. Use a binder clip to secure documents to the holder.
3. Clip the documents to the vertical flaps.

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