Introduction: Pizza Box Party Invitation

Planning a pizza party and need a good idea for invitations? Why not send everyone their own pizza? This small pizza box invitation idea will make everyone want to come to your pizza party. These pizza box invitations are quick to make and will be the hit of every party before the party even begins. These invitation can also be used for a multitude of parties including sports parties, kids birthday parties, and summer get togethers.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Here are the supplies that are needed to make a pizza box invitation


Cardstock paper - for the pizza box and invitation inserts

Design for Invitation inserts

Pizza box cut out design

Cardboard - to make the pizza


Printer - to print out invitation and pizza box cut out design

Glue Stick



Many of the tools for this project can be found around the house. Cardstock paper can be found at any craft store. You can usually get a set of 50 pieces of paper for less than $5.00. I have added the pictures of the designs I used for this project, but if you want to use your own designs they are easy to make in PowerPoint.

Step 2: Print and Cut Out Your Pizza Box

1. First you want to find the pizza box design you want to use. To find my picture of a pizza box cut out I searched pizza box cut out and came up with a number of different designs.

2. Print out the design on the 8.5" by 11" sheet of cardstock in the color you want your pizza box to be. You will end up with about a 6" by 6" pizza box once it is all folded.

(Note: to make a clean finish, try to use print out the lines of the pizza box in a similar color as the paper. Since I used grey paper for my box, I printed out the design in a dark grey so that once folded it would blend in)

3. Cut out the design. First cut out the outline of the design before you cut out any details your pizza box may have. Most designs show solid and dotted lines. The solid lines often are for cutting while the dotted lines are for folding. Make sure you DO NOT cut any dotted lines unless you are 100% sure they need to be cut. If you cut any of the dotted lines you might have to start over since the box will no longer fold correctly.

Step 3: Fold the Box

1. Once the box is all cut out it is time to fold the box into shape. Fold all flaps along the dotted lines. Create a sharp crease for all the folds. This will make the final product look nice and neat. After the initial crease I usually rub the back of my thumbnail over the crease to create a nice neat fold.

(Note: It is most convenient to fold the paper so the dotted line ends up on the inside of the fold that way you have no ink lines showing on the outside of the invitation.)

Step 4: Tape/Glue Pizza Box

1. Use glue or tape to put the bottom half of the pizza box together. I took the small folded flaps on the sides and taped them on the inside of the long edges. As you can see in the pictures I rolled up some tape to put between the small and large flaps then taped on the inside to give the box some extra strength.

(Note: In retrospect I think glue might have been a better option than tape for this part, but it just depends on what you prefer. Either one will work)

2. Try closing the box to make sure everything lines up correctly. Everything should fit sung enough to be able to hold something inside but loose enough to be able to open easily.

Now you should have your pizza box complete. Its time add thin invitations.

Step 5: Print and Cut Out Invitation Design

Now it is time to design the actual invitation part of the card.

1. Front of Invite - I wanted to create something eye catching but simple. You can create any design you want and even go more pizza box looking than this. I created this design in powerpoint, however you can make your design however you want, as long as it fits on the box.

2. Invite Insert - This is the part where you tell the guests all the important information. Fill yours out accordingly. The trickiest part about this is to make sure the insert will fit on the inside of the box comfortable. To do this make sure you measure the inside of your box and create an insert that is slightly smaller than that. Usually a 1/4" inch smaller will fit well.

3. Once you have your design, print and cut out

Step 6: Glue Invitation Onto Box

1. After everything is cut out it is time to glue it where you want everything to go. A glue stick works best for this, but if you want to use tape to put it together you can do that as well. Make sure you double check all sizes before you start gluing.

You now have a completed invitation. You can stop here and send them out to your guests, or you can add one extra touch to make the invitation extra special

Step 7: Add the Pizza

For some extra flair I decided to add a paper pizza to my invitations. It was easy to make and took only a couple extra minutes.

1. Cut out a circle that will fit into you pizza box invite.

2. Use the circle as a stencil to cut a circle out of cardboard. I used an old cereal box that I had in the recycling. It could be any box that is made of this type of cardboard.

3. create the cheese. I cut out a slightly smaller circle out of cream paper to simulate the very cheesy pizza. Glue the paper onto the cardboard.

4. Add toppings. You can cut out paper toppings and glue them on your pizza or you can do what I did and draw on pepperonis with a red sharpie marker.

5. Glue the pizza into the pizza box.

Step 8: Send to Your Guests

Now send to your guests, you can either fit them into an envelope and send them out, hand them out in person, or you could try taping the box up and addressing the bottom and sending it through the mail. (Using this method though might result in a squished pizza box)

Whatever your method of delivery, your guests will love getting this unique invitation.

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