Introduction: Pizza Box Solar Oven

Hello! Our names are Sydney and Anna. We built a very simple Pizza Box Solar Oven.

A Pizza Box Solar Oven is a solar or sun powered oven made from very simple everyday items. The Pizza Box Solar Oven can be used to cook food items all the way from s'mores to pizzas.

Some benefits of using solar ovens are that you don't have to use any electricity at all. The only supplies you need to use a solar oven are the oven itself and the sun. Another benefit of using a solar oven is that they cost almost nothing to make. Lastly, they are super safe to use even when they heat up while your food is cooking.

Limitations of using a solar oven are that the solar oven might only work well in some locations because some locations have more ideal sunny days than others.

Materials and Tools Needed/Used:

(1) Pizza box

(1) Roll/ sheet of aluminum foil or aluminum like material

(1) Roll of plastic wrap

(1) Container of tape

(1) Wooden dowel

(1) Sheet of black felt

(5-6) Newspapers

(1) Thermometer

(1) Pair of scissors

(1) Glass dish

How we built it:

First we took a pizza box and covered all the outside holes on the box with duck tape.

Second we cut a flap in the top of the box.

Third we took plastic wrap and covered the hole in the top of the box.

Fourth we put the aluminum mirror material all over the inside of the box and on the flap that we cut out.
Fifth we taped news papers on the inside edges of the box.

Sixth we put a circle made out of black felt in the middle of the box.

Seventh we took a wooden dowel and positioned it so that it could hold the flap we cut to reflect the sun off the box up right.

Eighth we taped the wooden dowel to the place on the box where we positioned it to be.

Ninth we took our glass plate (which you can get for $0.50 at your local dollar tree) and placed it directly on top of the felt circle that we cut and placed inside the box.

Tenth we took our thermometer and places it inside the box so that we could figure out how hot the solar oven was while cooking food.

Conclusion Summary:

In conclusion, our solar oven was able to cook a pizza while sitting in the sun for 6 hours. This homemade super cheap pizza box solar oven is proven to be very much usable and capable of cooking a pizza.