Pizza Swamp!




Introduction: Pizza Swamp!

Today I would like to offer you a new soup, which has been handed down in my family forever. I'm talking about the pizza soup.

Fast, cheap and delicious, but above all with an unmistakable flavor of Pizza.

Let's start the ricipe with the ingredients

For 1 person


120 gr of tomato sauce

1 Mozzarella


Oil (enough)

Origan (enough)

salt (enough)

Step 1: One Step Is Enough !

In a frying pan put a little of olive oil, heat it and add the tomato sauce.

Making it cook for 5 minutes over medium heat. When cooked, add a pinch of salt and taste it. Do not overdo the salt!

(If you have a tomato sauce ready you can save on the preparation of the sauce)

Put to toast two or three slices of bread in a toaster or du another pan. You have to make it a little crunchy

Mozzarella cut into strips and place in the pan, and turn the heat to a minimum Add the origan, which will serve to bring out the unique taste of pizza.

Cover the pan with a lid and count up to 60 seconds. Turn off the heat, and with the aid of a wooden spoon, pour the soup into a bowl.

This completes our recipe. Tasted and commented on this recipe, and if you liked it, do not forget to vote for the article for the contest.

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    6 years ago

    seems too tasty and easy too.