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Introduction: Pizza Box Jewellry Case for a Little Girl

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My family loves pizza, but I'm particularly fond of chicken lasagne. Because it comes in a foil tray and then popped into a pizza box, the box is still clean and I don't recommend using grease-stained boxes for this project. Of course, you can use other types of boxes as well. The pizza box is perfect for making decorative storage boxes because it's so stiff.

Step 1: You Need a Pizza Box!

Pizza box (clean one)
Fabric to wrap
Aluminium roofing foil (self-adhesive type)
Scissors and craft knife
Double-sided tape
Scraps of cardboard for the inserts / dividers
Paper glue or glue gun
Puffy paint or any rubberized paint
Pegs - optional

Step 2: Cover the Box

1. Cut strips of fabric to fit around the inside of the box. I started off using only double-sided tape but realised that the fabric also needed to be glued as well. So you can use the double-sided tape to make sure the fabric fits nicely and then add glue under the fabric to secure.
2. Cut a piece of fabric for the base and secure with glue.
3. Now you can wrap the sides and back, cutting a single piece of fabric for the top.

Note: I didn't put any fabric on the side flaps, so that the box would still close nicely. However, I did cover the side flaps with aluminium tape.

Step 3: Add Aluminium Tape

4. To add a decorative effect and finish off the edges of the lid, I wrapped a strip of aluminium tape over and under the edges.
5. Dress this up with puffy paint in your choice of design. I also popped a small piece of tape on the opening flap.

Step 4: Finish Off the Edges

6. To hide the cut edges on the corners, apply a thin bead of puffy paint along this edge and let it set hard.
7. Use puffy paint to add some feet to the base of the box and leave to set hard. This will also ensure that the base stays cleaner.

Step 5: Make the Inserts

8. Make the inserts for the box from scrap pieces of cardboard glued together.
9. Use glue and cut fabric to cover the cardboard so that it looks pretty.

Step 6: Add Your Daughter's Name or Design

10. To personalise the box I printed out a name using my PC printer onto a piece of transparency, using puffy paint to outline the name. I originally wanted purple, but the paint was too runny and had to use black!

And there you have it... a pretty jewellry box for a pretty little girl!

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    9 years ago

    Great idea, I love it!