Introduction: Pizza-stencil

Hi everyone!
I have created a 3-layered-graffiti-stencil for you Pizza-lovers πŸ•


- access to Illustrator or any other vector program
- laser cutter
- Cardboard (Size: DinA4)
- 3 spray cans (different colors)

Step 1: Draw the Pizza

Open a new document in Illustrator (din A4) and start drawing the pizzabase with the path tool. The second step is to draw the cheese layer directly on the pizza base. There are no limits for the topping. I have chosen salami and mushrooms. Arrange the three layers one above the other in the document. I would suggest an equally large frame around each layer.

Step 2: Lasercutter

Export the file as .svg and transmit it to the Laser-Cutter (IΒ΄ve used the K40).
Place the cardboard on the cutting surface and start cutting.

Step 3: Make Sure the Transferred Size Is Correct πŸ™ˆ


Step 4: Spray

With the finished stencils you can spray your pizza-graffiti layer by layer.

Enjoy πŸ•spraying!!

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