Introduction: Plane Skateboard

The construction of plane skateboard

Step 1: The Surface of a Skateboard

Pull out a cuboid so that its length, width and height are 81.1, 23.2 and 1.8mm respectively.

Step 2: Pull Out the Stretch Curve

Pull out the stretch curve and set it as shown in the figure, and copy
and turn it 180 °

Step 3: Pull Out the Cycloid

Pull out the cycloid, adjust its parameters as
shown in the figure, make it transparent, align it with the center of the stretchable curve, and then group it.

Step 4: Add Graffiti

Drag the box 15.35mm away from the work plane and align it with two
stretchable curves and combine them. Select the custom text and type "Zhe Tiao Jie Zui ven de ban" to resize it and align it with the board.

Step 5: Build a Skateboard Base and Tires

Pull out a cube and set its length, width and height to 20.02, 20.05,
2.25 mm, pull out four Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan angles and adjust the size to merge with the four corners of the cube and set it as a hole. Pull out the four columns to set their size to 3.04 and height to 2.62, then place them at the four corners of the box and set them to transparent at the same time. Then group the objects.

Pull out four diamonds to change their size to
4mm high and 2.05mm high and cover them on the holes of the cube.

pull out two trapezoids, set one of them as 12, 8.19, 5.98mm and the
other as 8.1, 8.05, 3.28mm, align the edges of the box with the surface of the box, and combine these objects.

Pull out a cylinder and turn it 90 ° around the
x-axis, then adjust its length, width and height to 8.80, 5.80 and 8.99mm. Then pull out a tube to adjust its length, width and height to 4.0, 19.2 and 6.66mm.

Step 6:

Copy and paste the object again, rotate the two objects 180 ° around
the Z axis and make them symmetrical.

Step 7: Find

Combine the two objects with the first cuboid as shown in the figure.

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