Plant Bed Made Out of Pallet Wood

Introduction: Plant Bed Made Out of Pallet Wood

What you'll need:

-Pallet wood, or scrap pieces of wood.

-An Hammer or a pair of tongs

-A Screwdriver or probably a cordless drill with a screwdriver attachment


-Plant seeds


Step 1: Pallet Wood

For the box, we will use wood reclaimed from pallets, pallets are an easy source of wood for simple projects, as it can be quite durable and is low cost.

First of all, you will need to remove any nails or screws still stuck in the wood, this is most easely done with a hammer or some tongs.

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

Now you should choose the dimensions of the box, I chose for a simple box, of about 16 inches long and with a width of one piece of wood, the height was a piece of wood stacked on the bottom plate.

You should cut three long pieces of wood, and two pieces that will fit inbetween the other pieces.

Step 3: Fitting It Together

At this point, you should fit together your parts, and decide whether you want to further sand the wood or leave it rough. I would at least sand the edges, as to avoid splinters.

Also, decide which side of your wood you want to face out, as the insides of the box will be covered with soil and the outside will be visible.

Step 4: Screwing Your Box Together

When you are ready to finally assemble your box, grab an drill, because you'll need to make some holes for the screws. After that you should be able to fit the screws in and screw the box together.

First fit all the sides together, making sure they are at least kinda square. After that it will be easy to screw the bottom in place.

Step 5: Planting Your Plants.

Every kind of plant at least needs some nutrients to survive, so you will need to choose a good kind of soil, we still had a bit of soil with manure available from our old strawberry patch so I just used some of that.

After this you will be able to sow some plants. I used a mix of wild flowers and just sprinkled some of the seeds in the top layer of the soil and put a little bit of soil over them. After this I gave the soil some extra water and now you'll have to wait.

Step 6: And You're Finished!

Water your plants regularly and make sure that they receive enough sunlight. Also if it is still freezing at night you might want to keep your plants indoor.

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    Question 3 years ago

    Nice, not to hard to make and I like that it's made out of recycled material.
    I just have one question; I read that some pallets have been treated with toxic chemicals, do you know how to identify whether a pallet has undergone such a treatment or not?

    Daan Lutje
    Daan Lutje

    Answer 3 years ago

    Pallets can indeed be treated with pesticides, or heat treated in a kiln. Pallets which have not been treated are marked with the bold letters HT.


    3 years ago

    Nice and simple! Do you think any kind of plastic lining should be used?

    Daan Lutje
    Daan Lutje

    Reply 3 years ago

    It would probably be better with plastic lining, as i left the wood untreated, so the water and soil stains the wood. For simplicity i left it out, but it would be a nice addition.