Introduction: Plant Cage

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I like planting strawberries but I love eating them. But so do the birds. so I built this cage for my plants. They let the sunlight and rain in but keep the birds out. Be sure to use marine treated wood. And please vote for me in the garden contest.


Also I did this in Google Sketchup because my camera really really sucks.

Step 1: Parts

I started out with a 3ft X 1.5ft X 1in piece of plywood.

Step 2: Sides

glue 4 dowels to the base

Step 3: Top Ring

For the top ring I used boards 3ft X 3in X 1in with the ends cut 45 degrees, and 1.5ft X 3in X 1in for the ends(see pics).

Step 4: Chicken Wire

Wrap chicken wire around the dowels and use wire to connect the ends together.

Step 5: Cage Door

Like the top ring only smaller glue the lenghts 2.4 X 2in X 1in and the ends .9ft X 2in X 1in. Staple chicken wire underneath the inner ring.

Step 6: The Finished Cage

Nail a board underneath the first ring to stop the cage door from falling into the cage. and hinges and a handle and enjoy those uneaten strawberries.


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