Introduction: Plant Cell Model

Hello everyone! I have created this awesome thing that is called a “Plant Cell Model”. I have really enjoyed making this and now I want to show everyone how to create it too! It is basically this plant cell model that has organelles in it and I have made all the organelles out of candy and clay because it will be very colourful. I hope you all enjoy this. Now, without further due, let's get started.



(All these candies are from the store Bulk Barn)

-Blue whales

-Gourmet Gummy Worms

-M&M Milk Chocolate

-Sour grape slices

-Dare Super Soft Ju Ju


-Big piece of cardboard

-Paint (light/dark green paint)

-Paint brush

-Hot glue gun


-Exacto knife



-Clay (all colours)

-Paint pallet (optional)

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Firstly, gather up all of your candies and materials that you will be using for this project.

Step 2: Making a Square

Then, grab your big cardboard piece, ruler and a pencil and by using the ruler and a pencil make a rectangle on the cardboard by the measurements of the width being 21cm and the length being 21cm. Basically a square.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Square

Next, get your exacto knife and start to cut on the lines you made for your square. Be sure to have adult supervision if you are not properly trained to use an exacto knife or if you are under the age of 18.

Step 4: Painting the Square

Now, after you are done cutting your cardboard piece into a square, grab your green paint, paintbrush and green clay and start to paint the whole square in order to make the cytoplasm. With the green clay you will start to roll it out with your hands and start to put it on all of the sides of the square in order to make the cell wall and cell membrane.

Step 5: Making the Nucleus and Nucleolus

After you have painted and made the cell wall and cell membrane for the plant cell, grab yellow clay and one super soft orange candy. Make the yellow clay into a big circle and put it a little under the upper left corner and a little to the left side of the square in order to make the nucleus. After doing that, make a small hole in the middle of the yellow circle by using a knife and stick the orange candy into it in order to make the nucleolus.

Step 6: Making the Endoplasmic Reticulum

After you have made the nucleus and the nucleolus, grab your sour grape slices, a knife and a hot glue gun. Cut your sour grape slices into long skinny strands. Now hot glue the strands all around the nucleus in order to make the endoplasmic reticulum.

Step 7: Making the Amyloplast and Peroxisomes

After making the endoplasmic reticulum, grab another sour grape slice and yellow m&m’s. The sour grape slice candy will be used as the amyloplast organelle and the yellow m&m’s will be used as the peroxisomes. Grab your glue gun and hot glue the sour grape a little above the bottom left corner. Now grab your yellow m&m’s and glue them wherever you would like.

Step 8: Making the Chloroplasts and the Mitochondrias

Now that you have made the amyloplast and peroxisomes, you have to make the chloroplast and mitochondrias. In order to make the chloroplast you have to grab super soft green lemon candies (3-4) and hot glue them wherever you would like. To make the mitochondrias, grab about 1-3 blue gummy worms and hot glue them wherever you would like to.

Step 9: Making the Golgi Apparatus

You will be now making the golgi apparatus organelle. Go grab the blue whale candies (1-2). You will be cutting the blue whales into little strands. Now that you have cut the strands, just stick them a little above the bottom right corner without hot glue because they are already very sticky.

Step 10: Making the Vacuole

After making the golgi apparatus, you will be making the vacuole which will be the largest organelle in the plant cell. In order to make the vacuole you will be needing blue clay and you will have to make it into a very large circle but make the sides a little wavy so it almost looks like a bean. After making the vacuole just stick it onto the empty space you would most likely see on your square.