Introduction: Plant Controller

Welcome! Today we are going to make Plant Controller.

What is the plant controller?

-Plant controller will irrigate your plants out of your control.

-If your plant be thirsty, device will irrigate flowerpot.

It will be enjoyable!

Let's start!

Step 1: Get the Parts;

  • Arduino
  • A water pump
  • 5110 screen
  • l298n Motor Driver
  • A bottle
  • Battery
  • Breadboard
  • Moisture Sensor

Step 2: Drilling the Bottle and Pump Position

  1. Make a hole deep of the bottle
  2. Paste the pipe to deep of the bottle and add some hot silicon
  3. Fix the pump to deep of the bottle.
  4. Use hot silicon for wrong little holes

Step 3: Arduino Connections;

You can get the Arduino connections from picture1.

Step 4: Get the Codes;

Get the codes;

>>> Arduino Code <<<

It is very simple; if you have a problem, you can add a comment.

Step 5: Testing;

You should watch the video.

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