Plant Controller

Introduction: Plant Controller

Welcome! Today we are going to make Plant Controller.

What is the plant controller?

-Plant controller will irrigate your plants out of your control.

-If your plant be thirsty, device will irrigate flowerpot.

It will be enjoyable!

Let's start!

Step 1: Get the Parts;

  • Arduino
  • A water pump
  • 5110 screen
  • l298n Motor Driver
  • A bottle
  • Battery
  • Breadboard
  • Moisture Sensor

Step 2: Drilling the Bottle and Pump Position

  1. Make a hole deep of the bottle
  2. Paste the pipe to deep of the bottle and add some hot silicon
  3. Fix the pump to deep of the bottle.
  4. Use hot silicon for wrong little holes

Step 3: Arduino Connections;

You can get the Arduino connections from picture1.

Step 4: Get the Codes;

Get the codes;

>>> Arduino Code <<<

It is very simple; if you have a problem, you can add a comment.

Step 5: Testing;

You should watch the video.

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    4 years ago

    Nice project.

    I have done something similar as well, but I had to use magnetic valves as I was unable to find cheap water pumps. Can you link them?

    Two issues I ran into:

    * fast adjustment of the watering according to plant.

    I think the humidity sensor that you are using is also writing a digital output based on the variable resistor on the sensor board. Using that instead of the analog for triggering can give you better control on the different humidity needed by different plants.

    * over watering, slow response system
    Using such a system also for my tomatoes, which are in huge pots, I have a set amount of "pump" time (for 10 seconds the valves are open), then the cycle is in pause for 30 minutes so that the water can distribute.

    Also watering should not happen when there is too much sun, taking into account that plants like to "dry" out a little and I cannot water in the evening, due to snails (I need dry soil in the night to limit snail pest)
    I allow my plants only to be watered 3 hours 5 minutes (to get 6 cycles) in the morning.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Dear friend;

    Thank for your comment

    This is link of the my water pump

    You are right, humidity sensor is not enough for this project. We should use useful one. For different plants; we can add a potentiometer, so we can set the time of the watering. After that this problem will solve.

    On the other hand, we can add a LDR for sunshine and use 'if' command. When sun shining, pump can work. But nights, pump will wait for the sun.