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You can transform your ceramic pots into a super cute plant head.

Follow along with me as I make a football fan, or by changing the colors you can make your own team. This is a great project because the possible are endless. Make an old person, young couple, a clown, a baby, a mini you, absolutely anything! Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

Step 1: What You Need

For a basic pot person I'm going to use:

  1. Two medium to large pots
  2. Ten mini pots
  3. Paint and paint markers
  4. Hot glue/epoxy
  5. 30 inches of medium twine
  6. 12 inches of thin hemp twine
  7. Four beads(any kind) as long as they are BIGGER than the water drainage hole in the bottom of your mini pots.
  8. Some paper to do your planning.
  9. Decoupage.
  10. 18 inches of 16 gauge wire.
  11. Small wooden spool
  12. Two printed images of the teams logo.

Step 2: Plan

I really recommend having a plan for your plant head.

I'm making my plant head as a birthday gift for a friend. She happens to be a New England Patriots fan, so even though it breaks my heart, I'm going to be using Patriots colors and referring to their uniforms for design help.

On my paper I've got my shape and basic color scheme planned out. You of course can change colors to match your favorite team.

Step 3: Paint

Following your plan you can start painting your pots. Some pieces require more than one color so you may have to paint in layers. Silver and blue are my primary colors so I started there. I painted the head pot all silver, the body all blue, four mini pots blue, and six mini pots silver. After plenty of drying time you can go back and add your other colors and accent colors.

Step 4: Details

Once your basic colors are painted and dry you can add the face and any other details. I went to google images and searched "cartoon faces" and just practiced drawing several different faces until I knew which one I wanted. Using some paint markers, draw the face and any details that are left.

I also went to google images and searched for Free printable Patriots logo. Printed and cut out two for my guys helmet. Using my Decoupage I sealed my logos to each side of the helmet. I also sealed a double zero as a jersey number.

For the face guard I cut my small wooden spool in half and drilled three holes into the side of both pieces. I cut and bent my wire to resemble a facemask. Next I glued the wire ends into the holes in my spool halves and painted the wire. When the mask is ready, epoxy the spools it to the face of your plant head.

Let everything dry completely.

Step 5: Assemble Legs

Using our twine we are going to assemble our legs and with our smaller twine, assemble our arms. *If your twine ends are frayed, simply wrapping the end in tape helps a ton.

Legs: lay them out in order that they will hang.

  • Take your medium twine and tie a knot in one end.
  • Take the other end of your twine and put it through the 3rd leg pot, passing through the pot and coming out the bottom. Your knot should stop your pot from coming off the end of the twine.
  • Put a second knot about an half inch up the twine, and pass your twine though the 2nd leg pot. Once it's resting on the second knot it should be covering just the top of the 3rd leg pot.
  • Repeat once more for the 1st of that the leg pots. One leg is done.
  • To add the second leg we are going to start with the 1st pot. Pass the twine through the bottom of pot 1 so the twine is coming out the top. Push that pot all the way down the twine so that it's resting on your completed leg.
  • Put a very loose knot as close to pot 1 as you can.
  • Add the 2nd pot (again through the drainage hole and out the top) Slide it all the way down the twine, and add another loose knot.
  • Slid the 3rd leg pot all the way down.
  • At the very end of your twine put in a knot. Bring the 3rd leg pot back so its hanging on it's knot.
  • Next we move our loose knot down the twine until it's about a half inch from the 3rd pot. Tighten that knot and slide pot 2 down into place.
  • Again move your loose knot down until its a bit above the 2nd pot. Tighten that knot and slide the 1st pot into place.

Step 6: Arms

Arms: For the arms we repeat everything we did for the legs but we are going to add a bead in between each knot and pot.

  • Place knot in end of twine, next a bead, add arm pot 2, Your knot should stop the bead and the bead should stop your pot from coming off the end of the twine.
  • Add another knot, another bead, and arm pot 1. One arm is done.

Followed that with the other arm pot 1, slide it all the way down your twine, add a bead, a loose knot, other arm pot 2, bead.

Tie a knot into the end of your hemp, slide bead and 2nd pot down. Move loose knot down just above pot 2, tighten and slide bead and 1st arm pot into place.

Step 7: Put It Together

Now all we have to do is pass the leg twine up through the body pot.

  • Pull it through as far as possible.
  • Then pass one of your arms through the loop of the leg twine.
  • Pull legs back down and set your head on top.

For some added detail I used scrap fabric to make a little football and glove to glue into my arm pots.

Whether you grow your own plant or put in a permanent arrangement, this is always a cute home for your plants.

Now I can finally get these out of my house... GO DOLPHINS!!!!

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