Introduction: Hiding Machine :)

If you have a cat or other dangerous creatures for plants - you need this machine! :)

But seriously,

it's a student's project, which is an answer to the task: Interactive Landscape.

If you bring your hand close to the plant, it disappears! It works thanks to mechanism that changes rotary motion to linear motion.

You can do the same in 7 easy steps!



Step 1: Skills That May Be Helpful

1. Computer Skills (Arduino, if you need to change files AutoCAD or Rhino as well).

2. Laser Cutting.

3. Embedded Electronics.

4. Carpentry Tools.

Step 2: Mechanism

1. Download file called: FINAL SERVO FILE.

2. Prepare the material (it should be 3 mm thick). It could be MDF, plexi, acrylic etc.

3. Use Laser Cutter to cut elements.

4. Match the elements. You can use hot glue.

* If you want to use Motor instead of Servo, just download FINAL SERVO FILE and FINAL MOTOR FILE (there you have some changed elements specially for a motor with dimensions 28mm x 12mm)

* I used and changed the file available here: (smaller version)

Step 3: Electronics

1. Prepare Servo Motor, Adruino boards, cables and Light Sensor.

2. Download Adruino from webside:

3. Connect Servo to Adriuno-Controlled Light Sensor (look at the picture).

4. Download File: LightControlledServoKarina and upload these settings.

* You might calibrate settings depending on light you have.

5. Check if it works :)

Step 4: Building a Box

1. Cut boards:

  • 600 x 285 mm (2 pieces)
  • 600 x 275 mm (1 piece)
  • 275 x 285 mm (1 piece)

* or use Laser Cutter to cut it. Ready file is waiting for you. It's called FINAL BOX.

2. Fold the box (look at the picture). You might need a glue, drill or carpentry gun.

3. Drill holes on the side wall in the box and install mechanism there (at a high about 10 cm from the top, in the middle).

4. You can cover the box with cardboard or other material.

5. Check if it still works :)

Step 5: Placing the Sensor

1. Drill a small hole on the top of the box (near the edge).

2. Pass the light sensor through the hole.

3. Use tape to separate the cables inside the box.

4. Check if it works :)

Step 6: Adding Plants and Information Board

1. Choose a small plant and put it on the top of gear rail. Use hot glue or tape.

2. Create a small landscape at the top of the box.

3. Use Laser Cutter to cut and engrave information board. Ready file is called FINAL INFORMATION BOARD.

4. It's ready!

Step 7: Have Fun!

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