Introduction: Plant Monitor

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The purpose of the plant monitor is to scan and administer water if needed to a plant hooked up the given analog soil sensor.

Parts needed for this project are:

1x Arduino Uno

1x LCD Screen

1x Servo Motor

1x Soil Sensor Unit

1x Potentiometer

1x Medical 30cc Syringe

1x Roll of IV tubing or medical tubing

1x 220 Ohm Resistor

Handful of jumper wires male to male

3x female to male jumper wires.

Step 1: Start by Hooking Up All the Necessary Arduino Parts Together

Place your main components in front of you.

Step 2: Potentiometer and Arduino

Wire the potentiometer and the arduino to the breadboard first.

Step 3: Soil Sensor

Next hook up your soil sensor to your breadboard and the analog pin to the A0 port on the arduino uno

Step 4: Servo Motor

Hook up the servo motor to the ground and power, and the digital pin to the digital pin 2 on the arduino

Step 5: Power and Ground the LCD Screen

Self explanatory, go ahead and finish wiring the ground and hot cable to the LCD screen on the breadboard

Step 6: Finish the LCD Screen

Next what you'll want to do is set up the LCD screen with it's digital pins to the Arduino Uno

Step 7: Starting the Actual Model

Place servo and breadboard on box with arduino

Step 8: Prepare Zip Ties Within the Box Via Holes

Step 9: Place Syringe Inside of Zip Ties

Step 10: Tighten and Fasten

This is roughly what you should have before you start wiring everything up.

Step 11: Final Result

Now your model should look like this after being all wired up. It can take a couple tries.

Step 12: Code

This code will work with the fritzing diagrams shown above. Simply plug and play.