Plant Protection

Introduction: Plant Protection

To keep the birds from eating my strawberries I came up with a very simple solution.

All you need is:

  • PVC pipe (electrical pipe)
  • 8 bends
  • a net
  • some ty-raps

For the dimensions you have to take into account that there is some distance between the net and the plant else the birds can still reach the parts close to the net.

First you put the frame together. I didn't glue mine so that I can take it appart when it is not needed anymore.

The net has to be tight and only needs to be fixed with some ty-raps on the botom part of the frame.

And you are done.

I used this already last year and it worked great.

It doesn't need to be fixed to anything (didn't blow away), no birds got to my strawberries and it is easy to take of the plant to water it or pick the fruit.

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