Introduction: Plant Shelfs for Office Cubicle

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I'm working in a big, white and sad office. Our office desks have a back wall mounted to them. I had the idea to put some plants on top of the wall. The walls are very thin. That's why I've designed these small plant shelfs.

Unfortunately due to the Corona crisis I'm working from home and could not take proper pictures anymore. I am very sorry, but I hope you get the right idea.

Step 1: Blueprints and Materials

This is a very easy project and can be done with few tools. I used 16mm thick plywood, but you can use any material in any size you want. You could also go to our local DIY store and let them cut the sheets for you.

I used my router table to cut small notches in the top board where the "legs" fit in. You can skip this and use dowels or simply wood glue. I also used the router to round the corners, but just for design reasons :D

It is very important that the distance between the legs is exactly equal to the thickness of your wall. where you want to put the shelf on. The legs stabilize the shelf on the wall.

Well that's it actually. Just glue the three parts together.

Step 2: Finishing and Done

I used wood oil to finish the surfaces. Congratulations, everything is done and you are hopefully a proud owner of a new plant shelf as well :D

I made three shelfs at once. My colleagues envy my shelfs and want some for their tables. Now I have something to do for bad weather days :D

I hope you will enjoy building this. Please let me know your experiences and improvements. Please put photos in the comments. :)

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