Introduction: Plant Stand


  • Clamps
  • Gorilla Wood Glue
  • 3/16 thickness plywood that is fit to a laser cutter. (Enough to cut six 12x10” hexagons)
  • Laser cutter.
  • A 6 foot long board from the wood of your choice. (3.5 wide and 4/3” thickness)
  • White acrylic paint.
  • Wood stain.
  • Brushes

Step 1: Table Tops

STEP #1: Design your hexagons on ______ to be cut on the laser cutter. I chose 12 (Vertically) by 10 (horizontally)

Note: I had the 12” on the side where the point was and the 10” on the flat side. Then cut them

Step 2:

STEP #2: use your Gorilla wood glue and glue the one set of the three sheets together and then continue to the next.

Step 3:

STEP #3: Clamp the three wood panels to insure that they will stay flat

Step 4:

STEP #4: If the wood bows up on any of the points after you have already glued then put glue into the cracks between the boards and clamp them together in those areas.

Step 5:

STEP #5: Once they are glued, take your sanding block and sand the edges.

Step 6:

STEP #6: After both of the table tops have been glued, dried and sanded then you can start painting them. I chose the color white for the table tops.

Step 7:

STEP #7: Take your six inch board and cut it lengthwise and then cut the two halves the other way.

Step 8:

STEP #8: TO prep for stain, you must sand the legs and then wipe off the excess dust.

Step 9:

STEP #9: Stain the table legs

Step 10:

STEP #10: Screw brackets on the table legs

Step 11:

STEP #11: Screw table tops onto the table legs

And you have your table!!!!!!!!!!!!!