Introduction: Plant in a Jar

Go crazy with these amazing "plant in a jar" room decors. this can also be given as gifts to someone. so get prepared.



Baking soda

Paint Brush

Glass / Jar

Palette or container to mix paint


Plant of your Choic

Step 1: Mixing the Paint

Choose your favorite color paint and put some in your container/Palette. Then mix it with some baking soda.

Step 2: Painting

Paint the Jars/ Glasses and let them dry completely. You can add some doodles if you like.

Step 3: Finding Plants

Find some plants of your choice and some moist soil.

Step 4: Fill Up the Jar

fill the jar completely with soil. Don't make a mess like me :)

Step 5: Done

And your done. you can decorate your room, study table and other places with these. Remember to water them every morning :)

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