Introduction: Planting Annuals in Flower Pots

If your home lacks flower beds filled with ornamental shrubs and flowers then planting annuals in flower pots can add a lot of curb appeal. Even if you have beds, flower pots will give your garden layers that are more appealing. ALSO... Many mothers and wives love colorful arrangements designed and planted just for them from someone they love!

Step 1: Crocking Your Flower Pot!

Although there is a debate on whether or not to place "crocks" at the bottom of your flower pots, I have always done so and highly suggest it.

"Crocks" are pieces of broken bricks or pieces of broken clay pots. They are placed into the bottom of the pot to keep the drain hole from becoming clogged with potting soil.

Many types of annual flowers do not like "wet feet". If your pots are not draining well or holding water it will damage your flowers.

Step 2: Fill the Pot With Potting Soil

There are many different types of potting soil on the market. I have used the Sta Green and have been satisfied with it. I have also had very good experience with Black Cow soil.

Step 3: Add Fertilizer

This step is not necessary if you choose a potting mix with fertilizer already included. If you do need to fertilize your flowers though pick a fertilizer that is "slow release ". I prefer Osmocote Classic 14-14-14.

Step 4: Plant Your Flowers

There are many combinations of flowers that will be amazing together. Make sure that you place varieties that share common interests. By this I mean to take into consideration that different varieties may need more or less sun or water.

Plant each plant firmly with the soil even with the top of the root ball.

If you want to add a surprise for later you can plant bulbs that will emerge later... I added a couple Caladium bulbs to each pot.

Step 5: Just Add Water!

I recommend a heavy watering after planting. Planting causes flowers to become stressed and they need a good drink after being squeezed out of their cartons and placed into a unfamiliar place.

Step 6: Feast Your Eyes!

It is very rewarding to stand back and look at colorful arrangements in pots that weren't so colorful before. I planted these for my wife for Mother's Day.

Step 7: Caladiums Rising to the Occasion

The Caladiums have started to do their thing. The size of the Caladiums depend on the size of the bulbs. There are many varieties to choose from. I have noticed that the pink or red caladiums come up sooner than the white ones. You can also dig up the Caladium bulbs before winter and store them in a dry closet to replant next Spring.

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