Introduction: Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Gel Earpads

I really hope this experience helps who is trying to replace the original earpads from Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

I was inspired by this Youtube video:

I looked for a Faro G2 dual thick as mentioned on the video, but I did not find locally. I might import one in the future.

Step 1: Tools and Parts Needed

Tools needed for this project:

  • Scissors
  • Exacto / Utility knife
  • Shoehorn


Step 2: Remove Original Earcaps

Place your nails in between the earpad and the earcup and apply a little force pulling it out.

Step 3: Destroying Original Earcap

It's time to remove the original cover and foam.

I used scissors to cut them around and reveal the foam.

Once cut, remove the foam applying force using the tip of your fingers.

Then cut out the old cover tissue from inner portion of earcap , attention to not damage the R and L pad.

Now, I tried to cut out the outer part as well, as closely as possible from the plastic, but it did not work very well. Later I had to pull out the leftover and it as really hard to it to come out. So I'd recommend to pull it out without cutting it around.

Step 4: Insert Plastic Support Into Gel Earcap

I used a shoehorn to help me out as well the fingers on the other side of the gel seal.

Step 5: Results

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