Introduction: Plants Vs Zombies Triple Pea Shooter

Triple Pea Shooter!

Step 1: Basic Parts

2x Full Foam pumpkin

1x Open Foam Pumpkin

2x Extending punch toy

2x 3" Foam ball

3x Plastic vase

Step 2: Cut Vases to Fit Tops of Pumpkins

Step 3: Cut Hand and Tube Holes in Pumpkins

Step 4: Disassemble Punch Toy to Replace With Foam Ball

Step 5: Cut Slot for Toy in 2 Full Pumpkins

Step 6: Glue in Punch Toys

Step 7: Foam in Punch Toys

Step 8: Ready Foam Balls to Paint

Step 9: Paint Balls With Fabric Paint

Step 10: Glue Vase Tops (JB Weld) and Balls (foam Glue)

Step 11: Smooth Out Transition With Paper and Masking Tape

Step 12: Foam Glued in Head Piece and Paper Mache Pumpkins to Smooth Out Ridges

Step 13: Cut 3" Oval Clear Plastic Christmas Balls for Eyes

Step 14: Mask and Paint Eyes

Step 15: Use Paper Mache Clay to Smooth in Eyes to Heads

Step 16: Sleeve 2" Drain Hose With Material

Step 17: Black Out Suit

Step 18: Paint Green, Add Leaves, Zip Tie to Boots

Step 19: Be a Life Size VR Game!

Step 20: Go Fight Gargantuar Zombie!

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