Introduction: Plants in Pants

For our elective this quarter, we had to design and make something that would answer some problems we had.

Our teacher gave us the problem on how to redesign a fourth floor ledge into a garden. However, the windows that would lead access to the ledge had rails. This made me think that I should design a garden instead on the rails of the windows.

Step 1: Cut Out Your Pot

Get a pair of pants you don't use anymore and cut off a part of the cloth that covers the leg.

The pair of pants I got had a width of around 15-20cm, and the length I cut it off to was around 20-40cm. I basically used the height of regular pots as a guide.

Cut off another part of cloth, which would serve as the parts where the pot will hang off from. Instead of cutting of 20-40cm long, cut two pieces of cloth that's around 5-10cm.

You should adjust the size of your pot depending on the plant you'll place in it. Find out first if your plant has large roots, if the roots go deep, or if it will survive with a limited space. Plants in this type of pot should also not require too much water since this pot is made out of cloth.

Step 2: Get Your Sewing Skills

Grab your sewing skills and sew your pot together!

For this step, you may choose to hand sew or use a sewing machine. However, I'll only explain how to hand sew it.

When closing off the bottom part of the pot, choose a side of the two big holes of the cloth you just cut. Turn the cloth inside out first then blanket stitch that side of the cloth.

Now for the part where your pot will hang from, cut the two (almost) identical pieces so you can have a length of cloth (from the circular thing it had). Sew the two pieces of cloth onto the side of the big "pot" part that's open/without the blanket stitch.

You may sew it in whatever way you'd like but I did mine in a U-shaped way. You can sew it in a box way, with an X in the middle, etc.

Step 3: Put the Plant in the Pants!

Grab your plant and some soil and place it in the pot. Add enough soil to cover the roots, and make sure the plant can get a bit of sunlight. Get a hanger, S-hook, or C-hook so you can hang your pot!

I chose Aloe Vera as my plant since it doesn't require so much water and soil space for roots to grow. I haven't tried any other plants but you can beg to differ.

This project's pretty easy, and I hope you know that you're not limited to following my instructions.


For the remainder of your pants, you may choose to make more pots out of it until it already looks like a pair of shorts.