Introduction: Plasma Cut Signs

I am going to show you how I get all my signs set up for the plasma cam to cut.

I wont have pictures of it actually cutting but I'll show the steps needed to get everything ready for the plasmacam to cut it.

You will need a plasma cutter and also the plasma cam software.

Step 1: Find a Photo AND Save

  1. Find a picture you like!
  2. Logos are the easiest to work with, so I took the cubs logo.
  3. Then after you find the pic you want cut out of metal save it to your computer

Step 2: Open Up Your File in Paint

  1. Open your file in paint

Step 3: Save It As a Monochrome Bitmap File

  1. Save make sure its a monochrome bitmap file

Step 4: Open the Plasma Cam Software and Upload Your File

Step 5: Convert All Cut Paths

  1. This just makes the plasma cutter able to know where to cut, note: you will have to do this or it wont cut

Step 6: Save the File and Take It to Your PlasmaCam and CUT!

Its that simple!

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