Introduction: Plasti Dip on the Grille

This is my first Instructable, so bear with me.

I recently found out of a wonderful material, called Plasti Dip.  Its available most places, but i picked mine up at a Lowe's close to my hometown. I think this stuff is cool and I'll definitely be doing some more stuff with it later on, so stay tuned.


*Disclaimers* : (1) I am not responsible for the misuse of this product as a result of reading this. (2) Use at your own risk if you aren't comfortable using spray products, or just don't have all the skills. (3) I'm not responsible for the damage you inflict on anything or anyone before, during, and after your use of this Instructable.

Step 1: What You Need Is What You Need

You'll probably need a basic understanding of how to remove parts from your ride.

The items you need for this project are :

* A Grille (or other object that you want to dip)
* Plasti Dip (this stuff is awesome)
* Time and patience (the dip takes a while to cure out in various conditions)

Optional Items are :

* 100 Grit sandpaper (I used 3m brand, you can use whatever you like. You don't have to sand it to get this stuff to stick to it, just be sure to clean it up good with soap and water.)
* Scotch-brite (the scrubby stuff)
* Other sandpapers if you don't want it too rough (higher grit = smoother sandpaper)

Step 2: Grille Removal

Okay, now that you've decided to take the plunge, it's time to remove the grille.
I didn't take any pictures of this step since the instructions vary from different manufacturers.
If you have any problems or questions about how to remove your grille,
you can use your favorite search engine and find out how.
Just don't break your grille trying to remove it.
It could be a pain in the you-know-what to find a replacement or fix it yourself.

Step 3: Work in Progress

I didn't take pictures of the sanding process, or the dipping process.

Dipping your part is relatively simple.

Get in a well ventilated area. 
Use a respirator mask or dust mask if you feel it is necessary.
Hold the can about 8 - 12 inches from what you are painting.
Apply at least 2 coats allowing about 30 minutes between coats.


If you're going to dip something, and you want to sand it, sand the part before you dip said part.
To sand your part, just rub the sandpaper over all the outside of it and rough it up a bit.
Be careful not to sand too much or you'll end up with a funny looking part, unless that is what you're going for.

Step 4: The Finished Product

Finally we have the aftermath of a few hours of work. 
Be sure to let this stuff dry before you go handling it to avoid making messes.
Enjoy your new plasti dipped grille (or whatever you dipped)!

*Results may vary*