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Introduction: Plastic Bottle Airplane

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This project was born in 2011 at Maker Fair New York. The idea was to design objects from household wastes.
For this purpose, Fabien Jonckheere, les ateliers Jonck has designed this amazing airplane.

This airplane has been featured in many workshops leaded by Fabien, and he has good feedback from attendees.

Few month ago I met Fabien and inspired by the Instructables 'Make it Move' contest we have decided to highlight this project making it available for the big world.

I hope you will enjoy our first collaboration.

Note: The above pictures has been made in 2011 in downtown New-York.

Step 1: Material

For this instructable you will need :

  • 1 Coca-cola plastic bottle (500 mL /16.9 fl oz)
  • 1 Cereal box
  • Airplane paper templates (Available for free on )
  • 2 Wood sticks
  • 1 Ice Stick
  • 3 Plastic bottle caps
  • 3 Plastic pearls
  • 1 Paperclip
  • 3 Elastics
  • 2 Nails
  • Painting
  • Tools : Tape, glue, scissors, drill, hammer, cutter, pliers

Step 2: Cut and Drill Plastic Bottle

Using the first template, cut and drill the plastic bottle.
First for the cockpit, cut the three sides of the trapezoid.
For the wings, cut the square and drill the two holes.
Finally, drill the bottom of the bottle in the center. This will be used for the propeller.

Step 3: Paint Plastic Bottle

Use some tape to protect the cockpit glass and paint the plastic bottle.

Step 4: Paint Wood Sticks and Cereal Box

Paint the cereal box both sides as well as two wood stick and one ice stick.

Step 5: Propeller

Curve a paperclip to make the form above and glue it in a plastic cap previously drilled.

Add an ice stick to make the propeller.

Then put two plastic pearls and insert it on the bottom of the plastic bottle. Pearls are used to reduce friction.

Finally curve the paperclip from inside the plastic bottle to make a hook.

Step 6: Airplane Chassis

Using the second template, cut the two parts of the airplane chassis.

Fold the two parts following dashed lines from the template and glue the two parts together.

Step 7: Assemble Chassis With Bottle

Assemble the chassis with the bottle using a wood stick.

Insert an elastic between the wood stick and the propeller hook.

Step 8: Wheels and Wings

Use the third template to cut the wings then fold it following dashed lines.
Make the wheels from two plastic caps and a wood stick and insert it in the wings template.

Insert the block with wheels and wings in the plastic bottle.

Step 9: Pilote

You can add a pilote to make the plane more realistic.
I these pictures I used a Playmobil® character.

Step 10: Test the Propeller

Your plane is ready, check if the propeller is moving thanks to the elastic.

Step 11: Launcher

To make the plane move you can build a launcher.
Stretch an elastic between two nails and you launcher is ready.

Step 12: Video

Watch the creation and result in video !

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    Ranger 2
    Ranger 2

    1 year ago

    Too complicated


    4 years ago

    Phase 2: make it fly....


    4 years ago

    Very creative.
    I like it.