Introduction: Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

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Today I am going to show you how to make a bird feeder with a plastic bottle it's a great way to reuse plastic and make it into something better so let's get started!

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Here's the supplies you'll be needing

A plastic bottle

Two sticks, dowels, or pencils


About 18 inches of twine

A pin

A funnel

And bird seed

Step 1: Drainage Holes

Make two holes at the bottom of the bottle for drainage, starting the hole with a pin and then make the hole bigger with scissors.

Step 2: Twine Holes

Then poke two hole towards the neck of the bottle starting with the pin and widening with scissors, and then feed the twine through the hole and tie a knot.

Step 3: Making the Perch Holes

Poke two holes across from each other towards the bottom of the bottle for the first perch, making the hole just smaller than the stick. Then make two more holes slightly above the other perch but 90 degrees across from each other so when you put the sticks in it makes a cross.

Step 4: Making the Feeding Holes

Next cut out a hole about 4 cm above the each of the perch's so the birds can eat the seeds, make sure that the hole isn't too big so the seeds don't fall out (about a 1/2 inch square)

Step 5: Filling It With Bird Seed

Take your funnel and place it on top of the bottle, then take your bag of bird seed and funnel it in the bottle. You might have to cover up the eating holes with your finger so the seeds stay in the bottle.

Step 6: Hanging It on a Tree

Finally, take your bird feeder and hang it up on a tree, it might take the birds a couple days to get use to it, enjoy!

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