Plastic Bottle Boat



Introduction: Plastic Bottle Boat

This project was intended as a school project and is a simple concept of using bottles as a boat to keep you afloat on the waters.

I found my inspiration here.

You will need

A lot of 2-litre bottles

Some waterproof tape in my instance but feel free to use any other means to hold your boat together.

A lengthy garden

    Step 1: Collecting Bottles

    A very simple step to complete but takes some time in some instances. I took two months to collect my plastic bottles for my project so don't be disheartened for taking a long time on your project. Remember, that this is a project. It will take some time.

    Step 2: Arranging Your Bottles

    This part of the project sometimes can take a little bit of planning as you need to put your bottles in different patterns to suit your idea.

    I went with a bricklaying pattern using rows that were out of line slightly. Looking at a brick wall may help to explain how I arranged my bottles for my boat.

    The reasons that I went with a brick pattern was because it was more rigid. I found this was because of the alternating rows because it would have to bend bottles to flex the actual boat. I arranged the bottles into clusters of three as attached above.

    Step 3: Sticking the Bottles Together

    There are many different ways of sticking the bottles together and I would love to hear how you are sticking your bottles together so leave a comment on how you stuck your boat together. How I stuck my bottle together was by using some waterproof duck tape on eBay here.

    Step 4: Finding an Appropriate Area to Test and Enjoy Your Boat

    This sounds easy but can be more difficult as you have to find a safe location with low chances of drowning or going into shock as the water can be a dangerous place and nobody wants to hear their friend or member of their family have drowned on a bottle boat. When using your boat for the first time, check it is in good condition and make sure you can touch the bottom of the pool or sea or wherever you are testing your boat. Also, this is a fun project and I have no guarantees that your boat will not sink or break in use, so be careful. I hope your boat works well and I would love to see some of your boats and how you stuck your boat together and in what pattern.

    Thank you for reading this instructable and I hope that I can find another opportunity to upload here again.

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