DIY Plastic Bottle Cutter!

Introduction: DIY Plastic Bottle Cutter!

We would have seen tutorial making plastic sheets for craft. But here let’s start making plastic bottle cutter which would be helpful for many of us, to reuse plastic bottles(unfolded) as ropes, mat wires etc.

Please watch through the video for working :

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Wooden pieces(Here I use T-Shaped wooden piece, which I have created in Mechanical Engineering Labs)
Sharp blade (We can use the blade inside the cutter)
Hacksaw blade
Marker pens

Step 2: Mark Over the Wooden Piece

Now, before we start to cut over the wooden piece it is wise to mark the lines so that we could easily cut over the marked lines.

I am using Red and Black marker pens to make appropriate lines.

Vertical lines in Black, marks the position where the plastic bottle has to be placed.
Horizontal lines in Red, marks the position where the sharp cutter has to be placed.

The length of the Black lines beyond the red border is based on the size of the plastic rope we wanted to make. Here I am using black lines which are:
* 0.5cm
* 1cm
* 2cm
and the thickness of the ropes coming out of each of the gaps depends on the size we have chosen above.

Step 3: Slicing Over the Wood

Now we have to use hacksaw blade(cutting tools) to slice inside the wooden pieces over the marked positions.

Do make a note, that the Black lines have to be cut from the front side till the backside of the wood of that position. Because, this is where we place the plastic bottle.
Red lines have to be cut only half of the wood (to insert the blade).

Step 4: Sand the Wood

Once the slicing is over, we have to use sand paper to give a smooth finish to the wood. This sanding will help the plastic ropes not stuck anywhere while cutting it out.

Step 5: Insert the Blade

Now, we need to insert appropriate blade to the gap we made through the red lines (cut only half the side of the wood).

Step 6: Hammer the Nails

Now, the blades has been inserted and we need to tighten them with nails at the sides of the wood (adjacent to the blade). These nails will help the blade to be in that position so that we could cut through the blade easily.

Step 7: How to Use?

Cut a small portion of plastic bottle and insert it into the black horizontal lines from the backside as described in the video.

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    2 years ago on Introduction

    Sad to say but this link to your YouTube video is not working please look into it


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for checking with me :). Now, you would be able to see the video directly from instructables step. This is the link copied from youtube as well: