Introduction: Plastic Bottle Rope

This is an easy little project that can be used in many ways. I got this idea from the Youtube channel The King of Random.

Step 1: What You Need

The supplies you'll need are a 2x2 piece of wood, a smooth plastic bottle, and a knife.

The tools you'll need are a saw, scissors, another knife, a chisel, and a hammer.

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Cut the wood about 4 in. long

Step 3: Cut the Wood Some More

Cut the wood with the grain across about one inch deep, then turn it and cut it sideways half way through.

Step 4: Split the Wood

Next use a chisel and cut a corner off.

Step 5: Stick a Knife Into the Wood

Stick the knife in the wood as shown in the picture with about a 1/8 inch gap underneath ( If you make the gap any smaller it won't really work.)

Step 6: Cut the Bottle

Now using the other knife cut the bottom off a smooth bottle and use scissors to clean the cut up.

Step 7: Make the Rope

Put the bottle in the wood like in the picture. With one hand hold the knife in and with the other push the bottle through until a strip comes out. Next pull the strip and keep on pulling. (this part is kind of hard so keep on trying and you'll get it. Also make sure the edges are clean on the bottom of the bottle.)