Introduction: 15 Minute Bracelet From Old ITunes Cards

This bracelet is made from two old iTunes cards, four beads and some elastic thread.

Tools and Supplies:

2 x iTunes cards
2 x empty drink cans
cooking paper and string (meat/poultry string)
4 x beads
Some round elastic
A hole punch

Step 1: Shaping the Cards

Use a toaster oven in a well-ventilated area.  I used a regular oven because I don't have a toaster oven; but I did throw all windows and doors open.  The temperature is low, and neither the cans or the cards get very hot.
Preheat the oven to 130 degress CELSIUS.  An online conversion tool has converted that to 266 degrees F.  Double check, to be sure.  Don't go any higher.

Wrap cooking paper around an empty drink can and tie some string around the centre of the can.  The kind of string that's used to tie up meat and poultry is best.

Balance the 2 cards on the top of the can, between the string (or, use 2 cans).  Place the can carefully in the oven, without knocking the cards off.  I'm only using the phone cards for demonstration purposes - they're not going to be heated because I don't know how they'll react to heat.  I'm using them to show the placement of the cards on top of the can.

The itunes cards should take on the shape of the can fairly quickly.  When this happens, remove the can from the oven immediately and leave it for a few minutes to cool.  I found that one card came out of the oven slightly flatter.  While it was still warm and malleable, I carefully squeezed the short edges until it matched up with the other card.

Step 2: Finishing

Use a hole punch to punch 2 holes in each side of both cards.  Make sure the holes in each card match up.  The cards don't need 4 holes per side.  I punched the original holes too close together, so I had to make another 2. 

If you want to, you could paint the inside of the cards; but the printing really doesn't show when the bracelet is being worn.

Thread a piece of elastic between the two cards, add 2 beads, and tie a knot on the inside.  Do the same on the other side of the bracelet.