Plastic Egg Container Flower Necklace




Introduction: Plastic Egg Container Flower Necklace

I hope this project, along with all the recycling and up-cycling projects could help reduce the plastic waste on our beloved earth.


Plastic egg container

Scissors or a cutter

An array of happy-colored permanent markers

1 yard of 1mm diameter cotton cord

A drill with 1/8” bit

A skewer or tweezers

A big-eyed needle or a hook

Candle and a lighter.

Step 1: Peparing the Plastic Egg Container

Wash the egg container with soapy water and dry.

Cut the cone-shaped parts of the container.

Stack and drill holes.

Step 2: Coloring the Cones

Use the colors of your choice to stain the cones.

Step 3: Shaping the Cones Into Flowers

Make a few cuts on the wide opening.

Use the skewer or tweezers to hold one of the cones, bring it closer to the lit candle. Keep turning it to get an even shrinkage from the heat. Use a skewer or tweezers, whichever isn’t currently used to hold the cone, to help “pose” the petals while they are shrinking and making interesting curls.

Let it cool off and remove it from the skewer.

Repeat until you reach the desired amount of flowers.


Even though this doesn’t generate much fumes, it should be done outside while wearing a mask or a respirator to avoid breathing the plastic fumes.

Step 4: Inserting the Cord Through

Fold the cotton cord in half.

Use a big-eyed needle or a hook to insert the middle of the cord through the flowers. Tie a knot to keep the cord from slipping back through the hole.

Tie another knot on top of the flower.


In this project, I stacked two petals together.

Step 5: Tying the Adjustable Cord

Using one end of the cord, tie a loose but snug enough knot around the other side of the cord then do the same with the other side and Just like that, your necklace is done!

You can add as many flowers as you would like by repeating the steps.

I hope you enjoy this simple but fun Instructable.

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