Introduction: Plastic Knife Handle

make your own plastic handle for old knife

Step 1: Slice Plastic Milk Bottle

use scissor to slice a hdpe 2 plastic milk bottle

Step 2: Wrap All Slice in Bigger Slice

it is more convenient to put all the Julian plastic together.because it's less time consuming and easy handle.

Step 3: Binding

give it a good squeegee with your hand.once you get the round shape,tie all the Julian with a bigger sheet of plastic that obtained from milk bottle and wrap with scotch tape.

Step 4: Blinded Handle Will Look Like This

after binding all the Julian place on smooth surface and push everything from upper part so that below part may have a smooth finish

Step 5: Wrap With Aluminium Foil

make sure you have rubbed the bottom surface with a smooth surface.and ultimate wrapped handle will look like this.

Step 6: Bake It

now put the handle near to the heating element inside the oven in 200 degree Celsius.for about 20 minutes until the plastic become can even do it while you doing the Sunday roast :)

Step 7: Put the Steel Knife Into the Soft Melted Plastic

put the steel knife into the melting plastic,the way you put birthday candle into a cake.:) and bake it for 15 more minutes.

Step 8: Finished Product

the finished product will look like this .enjoy

Step 9: Few More Example

I always buy cheap knife and ended up losing the Handel but nothing to worry you can make the handle easily and it's fun thing to do.:)