Plastic Light Color

Introduction: Plastic Light Color

Hello, this is the plastic colored light. my users for this project were my friends my family that have a house and would like to make their house look more beautiful so it can be more vibe more relaxing. To make the design successful I used a planning doc for example adding in the doc Different sketches of my designs and adding Drivers (User’s Needs) and my Constraints (What challenges to solve) so for my Drivers, I decided to add Look good, Chep, Reliable, brightness and for my Constraints where Chep, Brightness. Also in my planning doc, I added many questions, and asking questions really helped me a lot because by creating those questions I asked them to my users, And what they responded actually help me into the project to create it better and more successful. Some Challenges that I had doing this project were for example finding the paper I couldn't find any paper in my house so I need to go to a store that made a big challenge because when I went to the first store they didn't actually have the paper and I did not know where to look for another store, So that was a big problem. So overall this turned out to be better than I wanted it. It was a great success overall and I would recommend creating this design because it doesn't just look cool but it's also a really relaxing place when you have the light on.






Step 1: Step 1: Planning

So my first step was to focus on how is my user? I found that my users are Mostly all ages because kids could want this product adults could want this product and basically all ages would like this product and be reliable to all ages. also, I needed to focus on what was going to be my Drivers so basically what my User’s Needs and also my Constraints, What challenges to solve? So I found that some Drivers are Look good, Chep, Reliable, brightness and my Constraints are sizes, Chep, and brightness. Also during the planning process, I created questions and needed my users to answer them honestly so my design could be more successful.

Step 2: Step 2: Ideation

So my next step is the Ideation phase, This step is where I draw what I want my designs to look like and have at least 10 sketches of possible ideas for my design.

Step 3: Step 3: Building

So this step is where I started building where I started Gathering all my materials and putting them together to Create this beautiful plastic light color

Step 4: Step 4 :Finished Product

This is my finished product!!

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