Introduction: Plastic Perfection

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Hey guys, I have another post! I am much more pleased with this then my last gun, hence the title.

What makes this really sweet is how accurate at close range it is. I always thought that having a fairly lengthy and tight barrel on a K'nex gun would reduce range and increase accuracy very little. I was wrong! Within indoor ranges, this gun is a real beast. I was able to hit a pop can consistently from across my room, and the gun still shoots 45-50 feet with one #117 band. The ammo is grey connectors, and I chose those so that they would turn end over end when shot, instead of flopping in a random detection.

Also, there is only one rod sticking out of the gun! The magazine is not removable, but it holds maybe 10 shots.

There is lots of nasty in the stock, and I ain't too pleased with it. But is sturdy enough, and the handle isn't too bad.

The trigger is simple, and not too heavy. I even threw on a rail for mounting Nerf stuff and anything that attaches to a weaver rail. Also, there is a rail under the barrel for a bipod or forgrip. This gun would be a decent indoor war gun for picking people off as long as you have a sidearm with removable magazines.


Shoots 50 feet.

Works smoothly.

Flat design.


Stock is decent.

Accurate. Very.

Non removable magazine.

As you can tell I am pleased with this gun! Tell me what you think in the comments below and consider subscribing if you haven't already.