Introduction: Plastic Torch

Hello all, this my second instructable. Now we can see how to make a torch light with simple plastic items

Step 1: Requirements

1. Two bottles
2. Cutter
3. Double side tape
4. Ice cream sticks
5. Black paint
6. Marker
7. Termacol
8. EW 9v battery
9. A wire
10. A switch
11. 3 bulb (tiny)
13. Connector

Step 2: Thoughts

We may have many thoughts running inside our mind this may be correct or this method sholud be right. Viewers please dont have like this kind of thoughts and start have a plan and arrange those plans according to project and start. Your own creativity is also permitted please stress in that*

Step 3: Making Process

Take two bottles, mark a circle around the neck of the bottle and cut it with the cutter . Seprate the bottle cap by cutting its neck. Now we have a cap and bottle neck in conical shape. Paste the double side tape on both the items. Now stick around 7 ice cream sticks. Make the internal part such that it should a platform for placing battery (see in picture*). Paint the outside conical part with black colour and inside conical with white colour or you can choose according to your wish which may be best reflector for example: silver. Point the top of the bottle on the termacol and mark it with marker and cut it with cutter like round shaped . Insert 3 bulbs into the termacol and Do the next process under next heading

Step 4: Making of Circuit

Making a circuit is very important for making a torch I made this by connecting 'positive terminal of the battery is connected to the switch.....and the negative terminal of the battery is connected to (+)bulb' then 'again the (-)bulb is connected to another (+)bulb and then 'At last the (-)bulb is connected to the switch. Finnaly the circuit is ready. Now fix the circuit which you made onto the the model torch and cover the sticks with insulation tape

Step 5: Conclusion

Thus the torch is ready you can try it. Dont do alone, share this instructable to your friends
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