Introduction: Plastic Spoon Pendant Light

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I finally made it! I finished my lamp! All you need are lots of spoons (i used 270, 18 rows with 15 spoons each), a 10L plastic bottle, hot glue and feathers. I cut the bottom of the bottle and started gluing the spoons. I broke their handles first! When i reached almost at the top of the bottle i had a small problem. When i finally made it to the top the curve of the bottle was kind of  inconvenient for me to glue the rest of the spoons. I had two options : to cut the top part of the bottle or to find something else to use there. And then it came to me : feathers! i went out and bought me some and glued them around the top. The result is rather funny, but i love it! The feathers are optional, if your bottle is better than mine!