Introduction: Platform Bed III

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My first post in '14 was a platform bed. The details are provided here for framing and securing the bed.

The 2018 model is to show a sort of 'side car' to the main platform. This version is built into our bedroom to provide an angle off the wall and a space for overflow pillows, blanket and clothes.

Step 1: Overall Photos

Notice in the photos how the twin bed tucks under the queen mattress.

---our little friend is available online.. there are a lot of copies!

Step 2: Study Models

Here are a few photos walking through initial ideas and the final model.

Step 3: 'Side Car' Mattress

I used 4x8 sheets of lattice cut in half to provide a base for the mattress.

Step 4: Platform

See in the photos how the platform framing and the supports for the side mattress align to provide support.

Step 5: Headboard Door

The door fits perfectly behind a queen bed.

The platform for the queen bed is built off a 2x4 that spans between the two walls. Two 2x4s standing behind that base support the door.

Secured to the door is a shelf. Stapled to the shelf is a blanket.
Two desk lights fold over the side of the doors.

Step 6: Enjoy!

There is certainly less detail here than would be ideal. Hope you see something useful for your platform bed in the added twin mattress.

Here are two earlier posts that provide construction details.

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