Introduction: Platform Bed From Box Springs DIY: California King Edition

I am new to instructables but I do youtube videos. I will post my step by step but I don't have any photos so watch the video for visuals! :)

Step 1: Flip Your Box Springs Over So the Bottom Is Facing the Ceiling

If you have a king size box spring with two box springs this tutorial is for you! If not skip ahead to after I braced them together.

Step 2: Cut the Wood Braces.

I personally did 2x4 pieces of wood and bought I think 10 or 12 feet. The sizes and quantity cut are:

4 8 inch length braces.

1 6 foot length brace for the middle.

Step 3: Drill Holes in the Wood for the Screws to Screw Into.

Not sure if this is completely needed but it definetely helped when I got to the next step.

I had two inch nails and obviously that wouldn't go completely through the 2X4 and the box spring.

So I drilled with an 1/8 inch drill bit for the guide all the way through and a 1/4 inch drill bit to make it so the screw could go in 1/2 inch farther into the 2x4.

Step 4: I Then Screwed the Braces Into the Box Spring Frame.

I did have my Husband help me hold the two frames together, to minimize any gaps.

Step 5: I Stapled the Fabric Onto the Box Spring.

Double triple or quadruple the thickness of the fabric if you can still see the box spring showing through. I folded my fabric three times making it four layers of fabric.

Step 6: Lay Out Your Top Plates.

I used 12 top plates 4 on both sides and 4 in the middle. These will make it so you can attach the legs.

Step 7: Screw Your Top Plates Into the Bed.

Make sure that the box frame wood has no gaps between the top plate and the wood.

Step 8: Attach Your Furniture Legs to the Top Plates.

They just screw into the top plate.

Step 9: Gently Flip Your Box Spring Over.

Step 10: Staple the Fabric Tightly on Top of the Box Spring.

Step 11: And Your Done I Will Be Making a DiY Headboard This Project in the Future! :)