Introduction: Play Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a really fun game to play with a big group. To play it you will need a big field, cones, 2 tennis balls and bibs/bands for one team.

Step 1: Setting Up the Field

Set up the field so there is a square of 4 cones in each corner. Put one tennis ball in one corner and one in the diagonally opposite corner. Make a line of cones in the middle of the field to mark the centre line.

Step 2: Choose Your Teams

Now split up into teams. You need at least 10 people in each team. One team wears bibs so you can tell the teams apart. To start the game each team goes to one of the corners with a ball.

Step 3: Playing the Game

The aim of the game is to get the ball from the opposite box and bring it back to your team's side. Choose three people from your team to stay and defend. The rest of your team will run and try to steal the ball from the other side.

Step 4: Going to Jail

When the referee blow the whistle everyone (except the defenders) runs to the opposite side. If you tag someone from the opposite team while they are on your side, they have to go so jail. The jail is the corner square without the ball in it. If you end up in jail someone from your team needs to come and set you free.

Step 5: Scoring a Point

To win the game you need to get the ball from the other side and bring it back to your side. Once you step over the centre line holding the ball your team gets a point. But if you get tagged holding the ball you have to take it back to the corner.

Step 6: Continuing Play

When a team scores a point, both teams go back to their corners and the game starts again. Keep playing for as long as you want and have fun!