Introduction: Play Gameboy on IOs- No Jailbreak

Ever wanted to play gameboy advanced and gameboy colour games on your idevice? Now you can.

Step 1: Go Into the Google App

Go into the google app and search 'emu4ios' Do not use chrome for that will not work. Click the first link that will go to a google site.

Step 2: Downloads

Scroll down and tap downloads. Then scroll down the new page and tap another downloads link.

Step 3: Gba Emulator Download

Scroll down and click the first link. It will be labeled gba emulator. The address next to it will be to youtube. Click view.

Step 4: Install

Click view and a window will pop up asking you if you would like to leave the google app. Click yes. Then another window will appear. Click install. The app will now download.