Introduction: Play Minecraft on Mac With Xbox 360 Controller


I have played Minecraft on the xbox 360 and on the computer . To be honest the computer version is a lot better but the xbox edition is WAY easier to play the Xbox 360 version.

So here is the solution.

Look at my other Instructable called, How to connect Xbox 360 controller to mac. Do that and then come back to this intractable.

HERE is the other instructable link.

Step 1: Download Controllermate

By The Way this is for Macintosh. sorry windows users.

First you want to download Controllermate the link is HERE . Click on try for free. then download.

Step 2: Open ControllerMate

Open it and click on register.

type in what you see on second picture.

Step 3: Import Document.

Click on and download file that is inserted.

Step 4: Edit

After importing this you want to place checks on everything that is included in document.

Step 5: Edit Minecraft Keys

This is what you have to change:

1. Attack/Destroy = Bracket ( ] )

2. Build = Bracket ( [ )

3. Sneak = Left Menu (alt/option)

4. List players = Equals (=)

Step 6: Done

After that you are done. Enjoy!!