Introduction: Play With MatcherBot & Makey Makey

MatcherBot is a quiz-based games platform using which one can create and play their own quizzes. Unlike traditional quizzes, the quizzing with MatcherBot comes with a twist. In MatcherBot, the real-world physical objects are the answer choices. MatcherBot is best used with kits like Makey Makey using which real-world physical objects can be converted into computer inputs. Sounds confusing? Check out the video below!

In order to play a game with MatcherBot, one needs to select a game file. The game file contains the configurations of the game such as the key mapping. In MatcherBot, each question is mapped to a keystroke which is its answer. Further, using Makey Makey, the key can be linked to a physical object. Now during the game, when the physical object is touched, the MatcherBot gets inputted with an answer and scored accordingly.

One needs to have a game file to play a game in Matcherbot. Check out this Instructable to know how you can create a game file for MatcherBot. But before creating a game file, let's learn to play a game with MatcherBot!

Thanks to the best teacher Rose Mary Joseph for having been a huge source of motivation for this project!

Check out the GitHub repository if you like to improve the code or add more features!


Makey Makey, Computer, Any conductive physical objects like fruits, metal spoons, cups, etc

Step 1: Open MatcherBot

MatcherBot can be accessed at You can install it on your computer to access it anytime offline.

MatcherBot works best with the desktop version of Google Chrome.

Step 2: Select Game File

To play a game in MatcherBot, one needs to have a game file on their computer. For this Instructable, you can use the demo game file. The demo game file can be downloaded by clicking the Demo Game File link at the bottom of the page.

  • Click on SELECT GAME to select the game file.
  • Select the game file that you just downloaded. You can select it from the location where you saved.

Step 3: View Connections

  • Once the game is loaded, before starting the game click on VIEW CONNECTIONS.
  • You can view the key mapping for all the questions in the game.
  • Now you can connect your Makey Makey wires to the objects according to the details shown.

Step 4: Time to Do Makey Makey Connections

Let's make the connections in Makey Makey. Check out this Instructable just in case you don't know how to use the pins at the backside of your Makey Makey.

  • Connect left arrow from the Makey Makey to a Tomato
  • Connect up arrow to a Ladies Finger
  • Similarly, make the other connections accordingly
  • We have connected space to banana which would serve as the start/restart button

Please note that we have kept the Makey Makey inside a Cardboard Robot fitted with a small LED screen just to make it more interesting for the children. It's entirely optional. You can set and play the game without the robot setup.

Step 5: Let's Play

Done with the connections? Now let's play the game!

  • Based on the question shown on the screen, touch the right physical object connected to the Makey Makey.
  • Every correct answer gets you a point whereas a wrong answer takes away a life.
  • Compete with your friends and students to see who gets the high score!

Note: Game is fully functional with a normal keyboard itself without the need of a Makey Makey i.e. you can answer the question by pressing the right key in the keyboard itself. For example, since tomato is mapped to the left arrow, pressing the left arrow in the keyboard itself would fetch you points when the question tomato is asked. However, MatcherBot is more fun when played with physical objects as keys.

Now it's time to create your own game to play with MatcherBot. Head to Creating Game with MatcherBot Instructable for instructions.