Introduction: PlayCase V1.5: Modular Portable Console Carrying Case, Full HD 19 Inch, Added Speakers!

Get a full HD monitor in the smallest possible form factor: 19.5 inch

Strip the bezel off and put the frame into a flight case

Add a modular fixation system to accommodate most consoles; Playstation 3, or Playstation 4, sound decoder...

Make the cooling versatile: top of the case for the PS3 or right hand side for the PS4. Provide separate USB power to the fans and optical sound decoder.

You get your own PlayCase !!

Step 1: The Case and Some Other Bits & Bobs

I bought the flight case a couple of years ago for a 17inch laptop... and I wanted to get more use out of it.

The main challenge here was to keep the case as is and only do as few mounting holes as possible... (3x 4 holes only at the end)


SKB iSeries 1813-5 Waterproof Utility Case


AOC M2060SWDA2 19.5-Inch LCD Monitor (Black) - (3000:1, 250 cd/m², 5 ms, 1920 x 1080, VGA/DVI, Speaker)

Ugreen High Speed HDMI Male to DVI 24+1 DVI-D Male Adapter Video Cable Gold Plated Support 1080P for HDTV, Plasma, DVD and Projector (3ft/1m)


Griptite Black Self Gripping Tie 30mm (L)5m


2 of Coolerguys Dual 60x60x25mm USB Fan Set Sold by: Coolerguys dot com

USB Charger RAVPower 40W 4-Port Desktop Wall Charger Charging Station with iSmart Technology for iPhone, iPad, Samsung S6 / S6 Edge

Optical audio converter:

Astro Gaming or PROZOR DAC Digital SPDIF Toslink to Analog Stereo Audio L/R R/L Converter Adapter

Step 2: Fitting the Screen

Probably the most complex part of this project, fitting the screen in the lid of the flightcase... I had wrongly assumed the screen would be one solid piece of electronic once dismantled.

Remove bezel

What should have been a simple case of removing the plastic side of the screen, turned out to be a bit more difficult as this panel is not fixed to the VESA mount but just taped together. It is the plastic bezel that keeps the screen together.

Attach the 4 VESA mount points

Using a metal VESA mount as guide, I drilled the 4 holes in the top lid.

Strengthen the LCD with side aluminium gutter

Using an aluminium corner of 25 x 10 mm, the 2 side of the screens (otherwise only held with tape) are now secured with 2 screws on each side.

Step 3: Modular System for PS3 or PS4

A sheet of aluminium is the base, place the console and mark the fixation points.

Adaptable size to fit each Sony console...

Use Griptite Black Self Gripping Tie 30mm (L)5m creates a solid fixation system.

Step 4: Electrical Wiring

Kettle plug is my friend:

1 in,

Power to Screen

Spare power for accessories (might be removed later)

Power to USB hub

Power to Console

Step 5: Keep It Kool: 4 Fans in a Row, Flexible Positioning

A bit of cable management, a bit of head scratching to design a simple bracket that clips on the side of the case and voila!

The row of fans fits at the top of the case for the PS3, and on the right hand side for the PS4.

Step 6: Setup With PS3 and Astro Gaming Dolby Stereo Sound

Due to the limitation of the AOC monitor with DVI connector only (no HDMI model unfortunately) a better sound option is available through optical connector...

Step 7: Perfect for Travel or Parties !

Just put the cables inside and move the fan to the side.

Close up and go!

Step 8: UPDATE: New Mains Power Plug and 5m Extension

Looking at option for the main power cable, I decided to make a pass through hole in the re-inforced area of the case...

A 5m flexible extension should suffice for most occasions.

Step 9: UPDATE: Speakers Resting on the Case Locking Mechanism

As rightly suggested in the comments (THANK YOU!) a set of speakers would be nice... so I re-purposed the office small TV speakers bought last year:

Blaupunkt Bluetooth Sound System (2 Speakers, Universal Remote, MP3 Link, Optical Digital Input, Equalizer)

Great solution with Optical in and a remote to control the volume. Not massive sound but it gives the PlayCase a certain arcade look(maybe?!)

ALSO, revised location for the FANS:

-2 intake

-2 out back to create a flow inside the case.

This has been to avoid making the 50mm round holes and fix the fans on the case, as I'd prefer to keep the case fairly strong and secure.

Step 10: UPDATE: 1996 Namco Arcade Stick Working Fine With Street Fighter V

Dusting off the original PS1 Arcade Stick I got for Tekken 2 or 3 ... an old adapter to PS3 set in Wheel mode:

Subsonic PS2 to PS3 Controller Adapter (PS3)

And SFV actually recognises the legacy controller if you have 2 x PS4 controller activated.

This seems to work quite well so far... I have found and ordered a couple of the new PS2 to PS4 dongle:

Brook PS2 Controller Adapter to for PS4 Console (which alleged there is no Need Original PS4 Controller?!), (Will update when I get them...)