Introduction: Playful Dolphin Pod Scroll Saw Puzzle

Fun puzzle. Easy to draw and cut out. Start to finish about an hour.


1x8 pine board 3/4 thick
Puzzle pattern
Graphite paper
1/16 drill bit
Scroll saw
#3 reverse blade

Step 1: Drawing the Pattern.

Used playful dolphin pod puzzle from scroll saw, woodworking and crafts 2015.
Pattern by Judy and Dave Patterson.
Take the pattern and graphite paper and copy pattern on the piece of 1x8 pine.
I removed the rest of the board to more easily work with the puzzle.

Step 2: Drilling Then Cutting Out the Puzzle.

Take puzzle blank to the drill press and with the 1/16 drill bit drill the eyes. Hand drill works fine. Just try to keep it straight as possible.
Then it’s time to make some dust.
I used my Dewalt scroll saw. A coping saw can also be used.
Following the pattern and cutting on the lines.
Do not worry too much if you go out of the line just stay as close the pattern as possible.
I separated the dolphins from the “water” so I can go back and cut the mouths and detail lines.
And yes these are a nacho and a hotdog tray.

Step 3: Now Off to the Sander.

Alright now it’s time to prepare for the sander.
Put the puzzle together. I use rubber bands to hold it together.
The inside pieces will work their way up be sure to kinda hold the inners pieces down.
Using an orbital sander I started out with 150 grit.
Sanded both sides. The switched paper from 150 to 220.
TIP. Use red magic marker to label the grit. It is easier to see after sanding.
Then we are going to use a sand-o-flex with 240 grit.
This will make the edges feel “soft”. It will remove small burs and just make it smooth.
Easy with the step. It will grab your pieces and throw them.

Step 4: Blowing Out the Dust and Then Off to the Staining Room.

Using the air compressor. I blew out the eyes and mouths.
And be sure to blow off entire pieces of the puzzle.
Once your done blowing off all pieces we can go stain.
Now we can bring in some color.
I used both water based stain and oil based stain. There are many colors of stain to use.
I just prefer this combination.
Apply stain using the manufacturer guidelines. Then wipe off with rag or paper towels.
Let project dry. I like overnight or a couple days depending on humidity.
WARNING. Take the rags and or towels out of the house and dispose correctly. The oil based stain can ignite the rags. Just be safe.

Step 5: Woohoo We Are Finished.

The puzzle is ready to go. Gift it or keep it.
Special thanks to the scroll saw woodworking magazine for the pattern and Judy and Dave Patterson,
For sharing this pattern. This pattern can be purchased from the above magazine.

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