Playground Built With Yarn:)

Introduction: Playground Built With Yarn:)

About: Hi!! I really like challenges and handmade so here i am:). I also like childhood - this is were from i got the name of my blog (my real name is Ruxandra, or Rux - as i'm usually called:P).

I really enjoyed making this!
I've started with the Morello Cherry Girl:). She is  about 7cm tall. I've used cotton, acryl and 2.5mm crochet.  And SC mostly (the little dress has also some HDC)

The "grass" is made from acryl. I've been working with a 4mm crochet in HDC (about 60 rows or so).

The swan .... it took some time and patience because i've also work with a very small crochet and it was my very first swan after all . Her wings can be placed in different positions:)!

The mushroom was next. The upper part of the moshroom can be taken off so it becomes a little place where the girl can rest or play. The lower part  ot the mushroom has two parts: the white and cream one and the brown one. I've worked with the 4mm and 2.5mm crochet sc and hdc.

I've also made two little flower bushes and two little mushrooms. There are also a white water lily and a yellow water lily.

The cradle (swing) - it moves and it's really funny to see the little girls going back and forth:)). And it  is very stable, even if the pieces can be detached (it is made of 5 pieces) - just like in lego games. And it has a butterfly on the top.

The lake - has two sides, and i've placed the lilies and the swan on it.

The last to make were the ball and the dog:P. I myself have a caniche and i thought the little girl should have one too. It was really hard to place the curls on the dog.

All the patterns from this playset are created by me, of course! Hope you like it!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is so cute! I'm pretty new to crochet, haven't tried making any kind of dolls or anything. this it such a cute idea tho, did it take long? something similar would make a great gift for a little girl! you could easily make the grass mat into a little draw string bag to pack it all up in. :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm really glad you like it!! It took long to do it... I'm pretty new on crochet also and i've made by myself all the patterns.:P (about 1 week it depends on how much free time you have, and how fast you work and the materials you work with).
    I have a box (the black one you can see in the picture) so the set doesn't get dusty:P. The swing as you can see - is made of some pieces and you can take the pieces off - as in lego (for example). so yes, you can make them fit into a little bag also.I have some more articles on each part of the set - they are in romanian, but with some luck google translate on the blog will helo you get an ideea. If i can help let me know:P

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