Introduction: Playhouse Fort

I saw how expensive these were to buy and I thought I could build one for my son in a budget. So here you are, all for around £300.

Step 1: Sketch It Out

Write down or draw what you want to build. I did quite a few sketches first.

Step 2: Find a Place to Build

We had a great spot to build on at the bottom of our garden. First you need to dig four holes for the posts. I used postcreat to keep the posts stable.

Step 3: Base

Fix rafters to the posts and deck beams for the floor.

Step 4: The Building on Top

Make your frame for the house

Step 5: Bridge

Next I needed a way to get on the base. So I made a bridge from the old tree stump up to the floor level.

Step 6: Climbing Frame

Next I got a climbing rope net (£10 of eBay) and made a frame. Again post create to keep it firm in the ground.

Step 7: Roof and Hand Rail

I used old pallet wood for the sides and a donated glass window for one side. Last was to put a roof on it and make it safe. OSB board should do it. I will felt it one day. I used smooth plained wood for the hand rail as I thought this would feel nicer.

Step 8: Tyre Swing

There is a tyre swing under the house. Sorry but I forgot to photograph all the build steps for it. I may try to add in the future.

Step 9: Fin

That's it. If anyone wants any more info just let me know.

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